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Streaming Programme Spring 2021

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Veins of the World
(Available 13th April – 23rd May)
Selfie (Available 26th March – 23rd May)
The Humorist (Available 12th March – 25th April)
A Coach's Daughter (Available 19th March – 18th April)
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Detailed steps to watch a film


Streaming access codes for Yourscreen Season 3.   1 March to May 23rd,  
Discounted access for TPH Members.

Yourscreen have sourced 8 films for season 3 running from March to May, the actual dates dependent on the screening agreements. The trailers and synopses of all the films are available to view at The TPH committee have viewed all the films and have selected 4 of them which we would specially like to promote to our members. You will receive a 40% discount on the standard fee by using the discount code sent by email to all our on-line members. Non-TPH members entering the yourscreen site through the link above can claim a 20% discount by using the discount code TPHS325

We hope that you will find the viewing fee for couples to be similar to that (£3.00 per head when averaged out) for each film in the regular TPH season.

Details of the 4 films specially selected for TPH members follow:

Veins of the World (available 13th April – 23rd May)

English Language Trailer

Short Synopsis.
The director of much-loved world cinema classics The Story of the Weeping Camel and The Cave of the Yellow Dog transports us once again to the spectacular beauty of the Mongolian steppe, this time looking at the encroachment of modernity and its effect on nomadic lifestyles that have changed little in hundreds of years. Following the sudden death of the leader of a campaign against mining companies who are destroying the habitat on which they depend, his eleven-year-old son steps up to carry on his David vs Goliath fight, an old Mongolian folk tale being both his inspiration and his secret weapon.

Director: Byambasuren Davaa, Germany / Mongolia, 2020, 96m, 12+ advisory certificate, ethnographic drama, sub-titles,


Veins of the World




Selfie (available 26th March – 23rd May)

English Language Trailer - none available.


YourScreen Interview with Fanny Sidney

Short Synopsis.
Five darkly humorous, interlinking stories explore our increasing dependence upon digital media. Cyberstalking, social media, online shopping, swipe dating, vlogging - all come under its insightful gaze. Starring Fanny Sidney from Netflix hit Call MyAgent, Selfie is much cleverer proposition than most anthology or portmanteau films,with characters and plot lines recurring throughout the different stories. As the web connections grow, the film builds towards a grande finale set at a wedding on an island with no mobile phone signal - until someone finds one, leading to an hilarious showdown.

Directors Thomas Bidegain / Marc Fitoussi / Tristan Aurouet / Cyril Gelblat / Vianney Lebasque, France, 2019, 108m, 15+ advisory certificate, comedy / drama, sub-titles


The Humorist (available 12th March – 25th April)

English Language Trailer

Short Synopsis.
A middle-aged man steps out in front of an applauding crowd. "Hey Lady! How about a photo?" Theopening line of comedian Boris Arkadiev's winning if timeworn routine, the one that has brought him affluence, hordes of adoring fans and, most importantly for a Jew in the Soviet Russia of 1984, the approval of the authorities. Trouble is, Boris is sick to the back teeth of it. Once a serious writerwith a published novel under his belt, he now has to trot out his routine 'The Mellow Season' time after time after time, at public events, at parties thrown by army generals, anytime the KGB goons demand his services. Introduced to American 'insult humour' by a friend recently returned from LA,Boris decides it's time to work up some new, edgier material, and chooses the most inappropriate setting imaginable for its first airing.

Director Michael Idov,Russia / Latvia / Czech Republic, 2019, 100mins, 15+advisory certificate, comedy / historic


The Humorist

A Coach's Daughter


A Coach's Daughter
(available 19th March – 18th April)

English Language Trailer

Short Synopsis.
During a hot summer, Maciej Kornet and his beloved daughter Wiktoria set out on another journey across Poland. They are up for a long series of tennis tournaments. The two are inseparable; they have been training together for twelve years. Wiktoria meticulously follows her dad’s routine: a strict diet, exhausting workouts, 100% focus. She is growing tired of this and longs for some freedom. She thinks of quitting sports but is afraid to hurt her father’s feelings. This summer, Maciej’s new trainee Igor joins them on their way. Wiktoria will find the secretive boy much more interesting than tennis, and Maciej will have to watch his own dreams and his daughter’s plans go separate ways.

Director Lukasz Grzegorzek, Poland, 2018, 95m, 15+ advisory certificate, drama, sub-titles

Your Views

If you would like to make a comment good or bad about a film or about the Yourscreen experience, you can send an email to, we will share your observations with other TPH members by an update on the TPH News emails and let yourscreen know your opinions. Yourscreen encourage viewers to submit comments about the films to - they post the positive ones (and the negative ones if they are constructive!) on the relevant film's page on their platform. Yourscreen also encourage viewers to arrange a "group watch" where you agree with friends to watch a film at the same time and discuss it afterwards on Zoom. Apparently it's a great way of being constructive in the long nights.


Detailed steps to watch a film

• Go to the YourScreen streaming platform, here:
• Scroll down the homepage through season 3 to the film you want to view and click on the image. This will take you to the individual film page.
• Click the 'Watch £9.99' button. The first time you do this you'll be asked to set up an account - very quick and easy, just name, email address and password.
• Once you have created your account, or signed in to your existing account, you'll be returned to the payment window. Please note what it says here: "48 hour playback window. Once rented, your film will be available in your account for 28 days. Once you press play, the watch window begins and you have 48 hours to watch the film as many times as you like."
• Tick the 'I have a promo code' box. This will open a new pane.
• Enter the special You
rScreen access code in this pane and click 'Apply'. This will reduce the rental price.
• Enter your card details and click 'Watch'.or
• Enjoy the film!
• The film will download to the computer screen you used to click "Watch." If you have a newish computer or laptop or tablet with an HDMI socket then you may be able to run an HDMI cable (maybe with HDMi micro or HDMI mini adapter) to a smart TV and watch the film on a larger TV screen.
• Nb - any film that you start watching will be placed in your 'Library', which you can access via the 'Signed in as...' drop down menu, top right. Accessing your films here, you can pick up where you left off at any time during the 48 hour watch window.

Any other problems, please contact:

From our Chairman

2020 was the 100th Anniversary of the Thornbury Picture House first commercial screening in May 1920, we hope you enjoyed the Buster Keaton silent films accompanied by the brilliant pianist James Harpham. We hope to resume screening of international cinema films just as soon as the Covid regulations and the safety improvements at the Cossham Hall are resolved.



Chair, Thornbury Picture House.



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