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Summary of GDPR Policy



The status of TPH as an organisation formed for domestic or recreational reasons makes it exempt from GDPR. Nevertheless we shall try to abide by the spirit of the regulations as far as we are able.

TPH undertakes to hold securely personal data on its members which has been collected with the consent of the member by payment of an annual subscription.

The data will be held on a password protected PC and 1 backup copy made for security.

The data collected will be Name, address, phone and mobile numbers, email address, and amount of subscription, date of subscription and method of payment, cash, cheque or bank transfer.

The data will be used for promotion of the TPH film programme, for notification of special events and notification of change of the published  programme or cancellation of the programme due to poor weather or other operational reasons and to seek renewal of the membership at the completion of each film season. These data will not be made available to any other organisation.

Paper records will be destroyed within 4 weeks of receipt and membership records will be deleted if a member has not renewed for 2 film seasons.

A member may request at any time by phone, or email that their records are deleted from the TPH database.

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