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 Our film library - New System.

TPH has built up quite a collection of DVD's and Blu-rays since we started to purchase our own copy of a DVD to complement the Film Distributor's copy. These DVD's have been available on Club Nights, for many years, for members to borrow.

As the titles have built up, the administration in the few minutes available on Club Nights has become more and more difficult. We have therefore introduced a new system whereby members can order a Blu ray or  DVD screened over the past 2 seasons. Just send an email or Text and if it is available Larry will bring the disc to the next screening.


or send a Text directly to Larry on 07974957998 or Terry on 07411145337

Larry will make a note of your name and contact details.

The DVD should then be returned at the next Club Night. If anybody is unable to return the disc on time then please get in touch by text,or email.

The library is available only to current TPH members.

What Blu rays and DVD's are available?i

The titles of all the films available and other relevant details can be viewed as a pdf download and printed off at home. Most of the titles are available only in Blu ray format. A conventional DVD player unfortunately is unable to decode and play a Blu ray disc. A Blu ray player will play both formats.

Click The TPH Recent Film Catalogue.

The list will be updated each season. You can find a summary of the plot and other details on the IMDB site which may help inform your choice. Recent titles in the current season are listed in the TPH brochure.

We hope you find the system convenient and you are able to make good use of it.









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