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Thornbury Picture House believes that a good film deserves to be seen on a large screen with good sound and in the presence of a sizeable audience to build the atmosphere and heighten the emotions.

You can watch films at home any time, but watching on a local wide screen is an altogether different experience.

Non-members are very welcome.

Patrons who are not paid-up members of TPH, and guests of members, may purchase tickets, subject to availability, at the desk on club nights' priced at £5.00.

Admission is subject to the Film Classification Certificate.





Have you ever wanted to leave the car at home and walk to a local film venue, one with a warm friendly atmosphere, where you can chat about the film afterwards with your friends?

We did, so we decided to create a film club: Our club name, Thornbury Picture House (TPH) , was inspired by the old cinema (1919-1959) in the High Street, which was renowned for being the social hub of Thornbury. We are now looking forward to our 10th season, just take a look at our programme and we have a strong membership base to take the club forward. We meet usually once a month, for the last 6 years in the historic Cossham Hall, Chapel Street, Thornbury, BS35 2BJ.

Email us at films@thornburypicturehouse.org if you have a comment or suggestion for the committee.

TPH News

TPH Annual General Meeting will be on 20 May at the Cossham Hall at 7.15pm

Next at TPH

20 May - "Of Horses and Men" A most unusual and enjoyable film. A series of interconnected stories (some funny, some sad) set in a remote Icelandic valley. The relationship between the Icelandic men and women and their horses links the stories as the men act with heroism, stupidity or amourousness in the wild windswept landscape. Note - No animals were injured in the making of this film.

In another exciting development in February we launched a short film competition in collaboration with Thornbury Arts Festival for individuals in our locality under 20 years of age. The closing date for entries to be submitted is 31 May 2016.

The Annual Membership fee for 2015/16 was set at £25 for the season of 10 films. The proposed membership fee for 2016-17, to be confirmed at the AGM, is £27.50 for the season of 11 films.

Non members are very welcome, tickets are £5.00 at the door from 7.00pm on regular film nights.

We now have a Twitter feed for TPH News. Just click TPH on Twitter



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